chicken shawarma pita feast

chicken shawarma

If you’ve been considering buying a rotisserie for your barbecue – definitely worth it, you should probably go get one right now. Chicken shawarma was the first experiment when we got ours a couple months ago – and we were immediately wondering why we’d waited so long. Anything cooked this way seems to end up extra juicy/flavorful/amazing, and once it’s happily rotating away there’s plenty of time for relaxing (wine drinking).

greek salad


Or if relaxing isn’t your thing, you could always whip up some tasty greek salad, homemade pitas, hummus, tzatziki and an appetizer platter complete with salami rose. Either way deliciousness awaits!

For the shawarma we used deboned chicken thighs marinated for an hour or two and layered onto the rotisserie with sweet white onions.

The chicken takes about an hour on the barbecue (although if you get distracted by a cocktail or two, the rotisserie is very forgiving). Roughly chop the chicken & onion and serve ‘make-your-own’ style…