three days in Santiago

Santiago view from Cerro San Cristobal

Chile was the first stop on our adventure in South America, and although it was a short visit, we managed to fit in quite a bit of sightseeing, eating and drinking! Here are a  few of the highlights…

Lomito at Lomit's Santiago

Lunch at Lomit’s  – This was our first meal in Santiago and it didn’t disappoint. In a slightly sleep deprived state, we managed to figure out the metro system and made it to the Providencia neighbourhood in search of lunch and cocktails. After a stroll around, we decided to try out Lomit’s, and were soon tasting our first pisco sours and some pretty spectacular sandwiches. We both had the ‘lomito’, a massive sandwich featuring pork, tomato, and a ton of mayonnaise and avocado. Excessive use of mayonnaise and avocado in Chile – confirmed! Deliciousness of said condiments – also confirmed!

Santiago market lunch

Mercado Central & Plaza de Armas – On Sunday we caught the metro into town and did a bit of exploring. We checked out the Plaza de Armas and gawked at the seafood selection at the Mercado Central. Across the street we found another smaller market/food court packed with people enjoying huge plates of food (I have no idea what this place was called). Lunchtime! Unfortunately, there was no menu, but through a combo of very limited vocabulary and a lot of useless gesturing we managed to order something…I ended up with a massive plate of fries topped with two fried eggs and some very tasty roasted chicken. Tim had a similar dish with steak. Lunch success!

Beer in Bellavista

Bellavista and Cerro San Cristobal – After our huge lunch we were game for some walking, and headed across the river to the Bellavista neighborhood. The streets here were lined with tempting umbrella covered tables. It soon became evident that Sunday afternoon means hang out on a patio and drink beer and/or engage in some football related drunken antics and singing! So we did –  the beer drinking, not the singing…

Suitably refreshed after our beer stop, we continued our walk through Bellavista to San Cristobal Hill. We got in line with all the other tourists to catch a ride up to the top on an old-timey funicular. Yay, my first funicular! Unfortunately, once that ancient looking cable started hauling us up the side of the slope, I lost some of my enthusiasm for this means of transport – heights aren’t really my thing… but it was worth the ride to see the spectacular view from the top! You can also hike up if you’re feeling ambitious (apparently around 7km). Be sure to treat yourself to a pisco sour (or two) after your terrifying funicular ordeal.

Tiramisu Santiago Appetizer

Dinner at Tiramisu – We stumbled into this restaurant randomly in the El Golf neighbourhood, as it’s only a short walk from the metro station (just past the Denny’s?!) and was packed on Sunday night. The appetizer plate was very tasty and included basically all my favourite things (see photo above). The wine and pizza were also delightful and we shared coconut gelato with dulce de leche for dessert. Ok, we didn’t share it…Tim may have had one bite.

Domino – This is the place to go for hot dogs, and if you’re in Santiago you must eat a hot dog! Luckily, there are a bunch of locations around town. We grabbed a table in their outdoor seating area and had a very difficult time deciding what to order. So many options, and all of them intriguing. I went with the ‘Evelyn’ hot dog – avocado, mayonnaise and barbecued pork (yes, pork on top of the hot dog). Tim went with the ‘Jocelyn’ – salsa verde, avocado and mayo. I must go back to Santiago someday to try the other toppings…

Tapas Night – We did a little tripadvisor research before heading out for an early-ish dinner on our last night. First stop was drinks and tapas on the patio at De La Ostia. Loved the picture menu right on the table – very helpful for the non-spanish speaker, although our waiter did speak some English too.  We enjoyed sangria and sampled a couple crostinis before heading across the street for dinner at El Jardin de Epicuro. We couldn’t resist trying their spanish tortilla (quite different from this version), an enormous cheese plate and crostini topped with red peppers, chorizo and quail eggs. Tiny, fried, runny-yolk quail eggs on crostini are kind of amazing. This one is on the list to re-create at home.

Next stop – Mendoza, Argentina!

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